“Brava gente” – Online Discussion on Italian Colonial Legacies

Watch the new series “Virtual Salons: Discourses on Black Italia” online! On 30 September 2020, writer and translator Candice Whitney moderates a panel discussion featuring Shelleen Greene (UCLA/University of Leeds), Angelica Pesarini (NYU Florence), and novelist/screenwriter Francesca Melandri.

How can a nation address its colonial past if it struggles to recognize it? Italians have been considered as “brava gente”, or the decent ones, compared to the other European nations. In this event, Angelica Pesarini, Lecturer in Social & Cultural Analysis at NYU Florence, Shelleen Greene, Associate Professor, School of Theater, Television & Film at UCLA and Fulbright Scholar at the University of Leeds, and Francesca Melandri, author of Sangue Giusto and Eva Dorme, will discuss how race and colonialism are embedded within the nation’s identity formation. They will also explore how Italian colonial legacies are remembered and forgotten in Italy through media and film.

Watch the video recording of this live event on Casa Italiana Zerilli Facebook Page


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