Bolzano imperiale

As capital of South Tyrol, Bolzano lies in the core of a region in which narrations about conquest and socio-political dominance are paramount for its own history. This is because the region, which is inhabited by a German-speaking majority, became part of Italy only after the First World War in 1919. In the interwar period the fascist regime tried to Italianize both the soil and the people. Therefore, the many places, where Italy’s aggressive colonial past is publicly remembered in Bolzano, bear witness to a conflict-ridden and ambivalent, historical consciousness.

Streets, squares and buildings whose names are related to colonialism

Statues, monuments, commemorative plaques who are related to colonialism

Institutions that themselves or their predecessors were involved in colonialism

Colonial traces in popular and mass culture


Bolzano: Sebastian De Pretto

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