Affile and Filettino imperiale

The neighbouring communes of Affile and Filettino are small rural localities nestled in the green hills of Lazio about 60 km from Rome. With only around 1,000 inhabitants each, these forgotten miniscule communities have only hit the headlines in the past decade due to ongoing public debate surrounding the creation of a controversial monument (in 2012) in honour of a local fascist general named Rodolfo Graziani who was responsible for mass atrocities during his lifetime. The recent monument, however, is not the only commemoration to Graziani as both municipalities, which have long-held neofascist leanings since World War II, hold multiple memorials in his honour which exist in various forms.

Streets, squares and buildings whose names are related to colonialism

Statues, monuments, commemorative plaques who are related to colonialism

Institutions that themselves or their predecessors were involved in colonialism

Colonial traces in popular and mass culture


Affile and Filettino: Victoria Witkowski

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