Trieste Imperiale

Trieste is the capital of the autonomous region Friuli-Venezia-Giulia. As a very important port of the Habsburg Empire, Trieste was – and still is – a multi-ethnic and multireligious city. It became part of Italy after the First World War and, when Fascism was installed, the Italian authorities used architecture and monumentality to reinforce and, above all, to underline the italianity of Trieste. Considering the region’s importance during the First World War and the proximity of the Redipuglia war cemetery, a lot of monuments and street names are related to the victims not only of the First World War, but also of the wars that succeeded, including during the colonisation of East Africa during Fascism.

Streets, squares and buildings whose names are related to colonialism

Statues, monuments, commemorative plaques who are related to colonialism

Institutions that themselves or their predecessors were involved in colonialism

Colonial traces in popular and mass culture


Trieste: Iris Pupella-Noguès

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